GRT Hotels

40% increase in Conversations with Customers in just 2.5 months

GRT Hotels & Resorts is one of the leading chains of 4 star hotels in southern India.

They were looking for a self-service solution where they can resolve guests queries immediately round the clock even beyond business hours without having to increase their sales executive.

GRT added GReaTa chatbot powered by Trilyo on their website across all their pages. Instead of making a phone call or waiting for customer service to email them back, visitors are talking to GReaTa and getting immediate answer to their query. GReaTa has exchanged over 175k messages in just 2.5 months; and a whopping 84% guest shared their email IDs & mobile number out of which over 40% of them had a booking intent leading to a potential revenue of INR 240k in just 7 days.