Increase Online Bookings on Hotel website with Direct Booking Boosters

Hoteliers, now increase direct booking conversions with Guest Value Indicator & Sales Auto Reach and maximize hotel revenue with Trilyo’s Booking Boosters.

Direct hotel booking boosters

Why do hoteliers need a Direct Booking Booster?

Hotel’s Booking Engine is no different than a cart on the OTA. Direct Booking Boosters are the perfect tools to ensure that you don’t lose your valuable guest while booking the hotel online. Built specifically for hotels, Booking Booster turns your hotel booking engine into a direct booking magnet by showing likeliness of a guest making a purchase, allows hotels to re-target guests during incomplete booking and help hotels in recovering lost revenue effortlessly.

card abandonment campaigns for hotel bookings

Direct Booking Recovery

Save ~25% of OTA commission by making a strong pitch to guests before they exit the Hotel booking engine.

A lot of hoteliers know that ~70% of website visitor leave the hotel booking engine page, however very few know the exact reason. Discounted prices might be one of the reason but not always. Stop guessing and start acting like an OTA (Online Travel Agency).

Trilyo booking recovery tool captures the guest’s much-needed attention while they are leaving the booking engine page. We bring the customer back to the hotel booking engine or captures the reason why guests are leaving without completing their booking so that your CRS team can get into action immediately without having to speculate guest behaviour. In short, hoteliers can get more direct bookings and reduce OTA commission fees.

  • Cart Abandonment Cards
  • Exit Feedback
Marketing Automation for hotel industry

Sales Auto Reach

Regain up to 10% of your lost direct hotel bookings by sending an automated high converting email & cart abandonment reminder

Hoteliers spend a lot of effort and money to get guest on the hotel website. In fact, ~70% of hotel website visitor abandon booking engine page without completing their booking process. Worry no more! Turn your hotel website into a direct booking magnet with Trilyo.

Setup your guest auto reach with a single click and recover lost reservation effortlessly. Our AI engine personalizes each reminder, whether email or notification; with prefilled abandoned travel dates, property & room details so that your guest complete their booking in just one click. Now you can sit back and relax, while Trilyo Auto Reach makes sure that you get the most out of direct hotel booking engine.

  • Sales Closure Email
  • Abandoned Push Notification
  • One-Click Booking
Improve customer loyalty for hotel guests

Guest Value Indicator

Identify the right guest that has a high likeliness to book & increase the direct booking conversion by over 30%.

Today more than 70% of hotel booking happens on OTA, however, the good news is that 52% visit your hotel website. Boost your sales and maximize revenue by identifying the right guests that need your CRS teams attention.

Trilyo Guest Value Indicator gives you the insights to drive more direct bookings. Differentiate between booking ready guest and guest that need attention, identify cross-selling opportunities, trigger automated workflow once the score exceeds a threshold and much more. Now take control of your direct hotel booking and maximize your profits.

  • Lead Score
  • Guest Insights
  • Sentiment Analysis