30% Increase in Direct Booking with AI Chatbot For Hotels

Grow Direct Hotel Bookings with AI Chatbots, Engage Website Visitors in Real-time & Improve Guest Engagement with automated Customer Support.

Hotel bookings with hotel chatbots.

How chatbots can help hotels?

Chatbots are the future of the hospitality industry. Trilyo Hotel Chatbots use AI & Machine Learning to drive conversions and qualify high potential leads on hotel websites. It answers up to 80% of customer queries related to the hotel room, bookings, hotel amenities, discounts & promotions in a jiffy. Our Multilingual Chatbot understands the intent of the customer and performs a sentiment analysis using the natural language processing algorithm.

FAQ Handling with Hotel chatbot

Automate FAQ’s

Supercharge your hotel sales & resolve guest queries instantly with AI Chatbot for hotels.

AI Hotel Chatbot can answer frequently asked questions by customers in seconds. Using hotel’s existing FAQs, generic customer service queries and knowledge base, Trilyo chatbots are trained to understand guest queries and assess user intent and sentiment. This allows chatbots to deliver superior user experience, thus driving 30% more website conversions and improve guest engagement.

Trilyo’s automated AI Chatbots can answer the questions that customers ask frequently, which allows hotel staff to focus on complex tasks. Chatbots have simplified guest interaction with hotels, before, during and after their stay. Guests can book hotels using chatbots on the hotel website. Guests can ask questions and clarify all their doubts while booking a hotel. This makes the room booking process smooth and easy. While on the stay, guests can ask questions like WiFi password, lunch and breakfast timings without interacting with a human. Guests can also inquire about value-added services like spa, local tours, book a table etc.

  • Instant Query Resolution
  • Value Added Services
  • Automated Customer Support
Qualify leads with hotel chatbot

Lead Qualification

Qualify high potential leads on hotel website and route them to sales team for quick conversions

Leads are qualified by our chatbots using AI & machine learning by understanding the user behaviour and intent. The ability of our chatbot to dig deep into customer sentiments and understand buyer’s intention is valuable. It is crucial for a hotel to differentiate a high potential-lead from just another lead so that sales effort can be made in the right direction.

  • Lead Generation Chatbot
  • Qualify Leads with AI
  • Conversion Funnel Optimization
sentiment analysis hotel bot

Sentiment Analysis

Boost Guest Engagement by understanding the sentiments of the customer and optimizing it to improve end to end user journey.

Chatbots will identify qualified leads from the visitors and send the leads to an agent who can complete the process of booking a hotel. Our dashboard provides real-time analytics, customer segmentation and actionable insights on your hotel booking chatbot to acquire and re-engage customers, thus ensuring hotel sales and revenue go up. These insights about the guests give hotels the opportunity to provide better customer service to their guests before, during and after their stay.

  • Improve User Experience
  • Know Your Customer
  • Personalized Messaging
Handoff from hotel chatbot to agent

Agent Handoff

Smooth handoff from chatbot to a human agent without affecting user experience

79% of consumers prefer real-time chat because they don't have to wait on hold for a customer support team to respond. They want their query to be addressed immediately. Trilyo hotel chatbots are powered to provide this 24/7 service availability for your customers. When the bot is no longer able to process customer’s request, or if the end user is frustrated and wants assistance, seamless handoff from bot to an agent is guaranteed by Trilyo chatbots. Our bots ensure that entire conversation between bot and user is captured and is passed to the agent.

  • Capture Context
  • Seamless Handoff to Agent
  • Trigger
Multilingual Hotel Chatbot

Multilingual Chatbot

Personalize guest experience across any messaging platform with Multilingual Hotel Chatbot

Trilyo creates multilingual hotel chatbots to answer real-time customer queries which can be understood by your guests in their native language. Agents can only be trained in one or two languages, while chatbots can take care of the native language of the guest and thus improves your guest’s experience. These multilingual chatbots are an indispensable tool for hotels who want to expand and have a global presence across countries with a new customer and new languages. Whether its hotel website or customer service team interacting with guests, interacting in the guest’s native language is the only way to create a lasting impression.

  • Native Language Communication
  • Language Localization