15% Growth in Online Hotel Business with In-App & Web Notifications

Hotel Marketing hacks to improve website booking conversion rates using push notifications, FOMO Marketing & Conversion Cards.

Increase hotel booking website conversions

How to increase hotel website conversions?

Hotel Marketing smart tactics to increase website booking conversions with a setup time of less than 5 min. Engage with your hotel website visitors in real time by notifying them of ongoing promotions, hotel room discounts and hotel facilities even before they ask for it. Include Push Notifications and conversion cards in your hotel marketing plan to drive more direct bookings on your hotel website. Hotels should master the art of urgency using FOMO Marketing (Fear of Missing Out) by placing messages to illustrate scarcity or limited availability, such as “Only 2 rooms remaining”, “45 users viewed this room”.

Push notification for hotel bookings

Push Notification

Connect real time with guests using proven hotel marketing tool- In-App messaging and improve conversions on the hotel website.

Push Notifications for hotel websites are no more a thing of the past. Every smart hotel has started incorporating web notifications in their hotel marketing strategy. It is a text message send directly to the browsers of the user even when they are not on your hotel website. It’s easy for hoteliers to connect with users in real time without asking the guest’s contact information or email address.

Just a single-click-opt-in, and you can keep your hotel subscribers engaged with exclusive offers, hotel price updates, hotel facilities and targeted messages relevant to their needs. The reach of push notification is 45% of your audience on average, higher than other methods of marketing like email and text messages, which gives one more, even stronger reason to incorporate these in your hotel marketing strategy.

  • Increase Hotel Revenue
  • Real-time Guest Engagement
  • Targeted Messaging
Personalized hotel marketing strategies

FOMO/Nudge Marketing

Influence guest’s actions on your hotel website through personalized suggestions and recommendations.

Make use of nudge messaging channel in your hotel marketing plan to improve conversions on website. Install the fear of missing out on your hotel special deals,exclusive room prices, discounts or simply showcasing number of people buying your hotel room; encourages a guest to take required action on your hotel website.

70% of hotel website visitors bounce off without completing their booking. Nudge marketing or FOMO Marketing( Fear of Missing Out) will create a sense of urgency, scarcity and social proof and gently push your customers towards completing the booking process. Top OTAs (Online Travel Agents) use Nudges to influence visitors on their website which is one of the reason for higher conversion rates on OTAs as compared to hotel websites.

  • Live Visitor Count
  • Social Proof
  • Recent Activity by users
conversion cards for hotel bookings

Conversion Cards

Improve hotel website booking conversion rate with pop ups or overlay cards based on actions that guests take on your hotel website.

Conversion cards are an excellent way to draw guest’s attention to special hotel deals, direct booking discounts and OTA price comparison. Wondering how few hotels & majorly OTA’s, manage a higher website conversion rate while the majority of hotel marketers are still struggling? The major reason is mastery of the conversion process on their websites.

81% of visitors abandon online hotel bookings. The truth is the majority of visitors spend under 15 seconds on a website without the intent to return. The magic of website conversion cards is hoteliers can turn visitors into leads by engaging them and thus reducing their hotel website bounce rate. Based on user actions like exit intent, time spent on the hotel website and third scroll, conversion cards are mostly placed on room pricing, checkout and hotel landing page with a compelling headline and an effective CTA.

  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Boost Direct Bookings
  • Grow Subscribers List