Outsmart Competition with Trilyo Hotel Rate Parity Engine

Price Intelligence & Rate Shopper tools help your hotel monitor, optimize and maximize hotel revenue by staying ahead of the competition & reducing dependency on OTA.

Price Intelligence Engine for hotels

Why hotels need a Rate Parity Engine to beat the competition?

The key to maximizing revenue is not just about spending heavily on marketing but also optimizing price across multiple OTAs & having market insights that help in dynamic pricing. Now hotels can do a systematic review of rate parity performance & optimize room price across distribution channels, resort to dynamic pricing like OTAs with instant price disparity alerts & give the best value to direct booking guests on one consolidated dashboard. Proven ways of maximizing hotel revenue by optimizing hotel prices as per OTAs using Trilyo’s Price Intelligence & Rate Parity Engine.

Rate Parity to increase hotel revenue

Rate Parity Meter

Gain up to 25% more revenue with price intelligence tool that will help hoteliers optimize pricing across distribution channels & OTA

As a hotelier, every second is precious and in those limited time you would want to focus all your energy and time on things that can help you maximize revenue. And that’s exactly why we built Rate Parity Meter.

Now monitor your potential revenue loss efficiently & in real-time across multiple distribution channels and OTAs with our simple and easy-to-use dashboard. It gets even more powerful with Price Checker Widget on your website so that you can show your guests why direct hotel booking is the best.

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Room Wise Parity
Hotel Price Optimizer

Auto Price Optimizer

Don’t get caught up in the day-to-day of running your hotels, let the AI optimize price that will help hotel in maximizing their yield

We know it’s difficult to keep monitoring prices and even more difficult to keep on optimizing hotel prices throughout the day. Well, we heard you and built automated hotel price optimizer specifically designed with smart triggers to auto adjust the price on your booking engine thus leading to a higher yield. Now let the AI handle rate parity performance for you and save up to 3 hrs of your valuable man-hours.

  • Rate Intelligence
  • Price Optimizer
  • Dynamic Pricing
Hotel Competitors Price Disparity Alert

Price Disparity Alert

Monitor your price parity performance in real-time with instant parity alert & prevent underbidding by OTAs

Hoteliers, now you can formulate your revenue strategies based on insights, round the clock with Trilyo Price Disparity Alert. No more guesswork & take control of your hotel revenue. Select up to 10 distribution channels and get alerts based triggers as push notification or straight into your inbox so that your hotel can also adopt a dynamic pricing strategy.

  • Trigger-based Alerts
  • Unified Dashboard
Monitor Hotel competitor Prices in real-time

Rate Shopper

Outperform your competition with Trilyo Rate Shopper which allows you track prices of your hotel’s competitor in real-time.

Today, the most critical factor influencing guest to book hotel online is room rate. So It’s important for all hotels to stay competitive. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can monitor prices of your competitors regularly? Rate Shopper tool by Trilyo does that for you while you focus on maximizing hotel revenue.

With Rate Shopper, you can create a competitive set, compare highest rates and lowest rate; compare prices based on room type and a detailed graphical analysis in one glance.

  • Competitive Set
  • Room Rate Comparison
  • Graphical Analysis