Order Optimization

Every day is a new day! Trilyo’s order optimization gives you all the insight on what’s moving on the floor during what time of the day. Now you can know what is going to be your hot selling product for today and can accordingly manage your inventory and can float promotions across all the outlet within a flash of a second.


Why just satisfy your customers when you can delight them? In today’s ultra-competitive business environment merely meeting customer expectations is not enough. Trilyo’s Personalization helps you unleash the unexpected desire of the customer by identifying their taste and recommend based on what they might like so that you can personalize their experience, every time.

Workflow Automation

Trilyo Workflow Automation gives you the ways to harness technology for your restaurant’s success. We can help you automate everything starting from your operation to your marketing. On one hand data-driven insights with real-time algorithms and lightning-fast execution, aids marketing team in delivering the right message while on the other hand swift order routeing accelerates your sale.

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